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Welcome to the Alberta Data Architecture Association ! 

The Alberta Data Architecture (ADA) Community is an informal organization of data professionals that meet regularly to discuss matters of interest to the data community, and to network with like-minded individuals. Our meetings are interactive, starting with 15-20 minutes of presentation by subject area experts, followed by an hour of discussion and Q&A between the experts and the audience. 

We follow each meeting with networking and further conversation at a nearby restaurant.   Come for the lively discussions and stay for the networking!

Please check out the Events section for a schedule of upcoming ADA Meetings and related events.

We hope that you enjoy browsing this website.  Your suggestions towards improving it would graciously appreciated.  Please email your comments to:

Alberta Data Architecture Association

Come and Join Us !

The topic of our Wednesday, November 13th meeting will be:

Agile Sucks for Data:   Agree or Disagree ? 


Agree or Disagree:  We'll be discussing Agile, as it relates to projects with data (which is, of course, most of them).  Agile has often failed to capture data requirements and sustain enterprise data architecture. Our scheduled contributors will share their experiences, lessons learned, and successes. You are welcome to contribute your experiences.
At 5 pm, Social (Bring your own food - Sunterra Market & Starbucks nearby)
At 5:30, we’ll have succinct statements (5 minutes or less) from our pizza sponsor and four (4) contributors, followed by one hour of open discussion and Q&A between contributors and the audience.    Running late?  No problem, just slip in quietly.
At 7 pm, join us at the nearby Township Bar & Grill  in Bow Valley Square, for further social/discussion.
Gary Demofsky  Company: Independent
Disagree - The critical success factor for agile projects in a complex enterprise environment is very early engagement by enterprise architects to help align the project and introduce them to the rich data (and software!) reuse opportunities available to them making this a win-win process.
Simon Orrel, P.Eng    Company: SnowDolphin Inc.
Agree - ‘Agile’ sucks for any individual discipline where a multi-discipline team is not focused on delivering value together.
Manvir Grewal         Company: Shift Analytics
Disagree - Agile is the only way Data projects make sense. There’s no point building for 18 months to produce “something” if the business doesn’t know what they want, what data they have available, and what’s possible.
Jamie Pompou           Company:  Chunk Technologies
Disagree - The values obtained through using Agile Methodologies is possible to get through data projects.
WHERE: TC Energy Tower, 450 1st St SW, Rm 214 (+15, NW Corner)   

James Short Parkade (below the meeting space)

112 - 5 Ave SW (5 Ave entrance)

115 - 4 Ave SW (4 Ave entrance)

Currently $3 or less, if you enter after 4 pm


Being on Centre Street and 5 Avenue, TC Energy is near the C-Train and many bus routes.

Check Calgary Transit, or use Google Maps, to discover your best route.