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The Alberta Data Architecture (ADA) Community is an informal organization of data professionals that meet regularly to discuss matters of interest to the data community, and to network with like-minded individuals. Our meetings are interactive, starting with 15-20 minutes of presentation by subject area experts, followed by an hour of discussion and Q&A between the experts and the audience. 

We follow each meeting with networking and further conversation at a nearby restaurant.   Come for the lively discussions and stay for the networking!

Please check out the Events section for a schedule of upcoming ADA Meetings and related events.

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Data Modeling is so Last Century - 2020 January

This discussion attempted to answer the question on whether or not data modelling become obsolete in our world of big data, NoSQL, data lakes and data science? 


Data Lakes Resources - 2019 January

   Overview by Amazon AWS

   Description by KDNuggets

   Wikipedia Description

   Gartner Glossary Definition

   Gartner Webinar

   Article:  Data Lake - Swamp Preventation

   Article:  Data Lake - Swamp Cleanup

   Book Intro:  Data Lake Architecture by Bill Inmon 


Meet Calgary's Local Data Groups - 2018 September

    Summary List of Local Data Groups

    Detail Description of Each Data Group


Lightning Talks Presentations - 2018 May


Data Models for the Open Process Standard -  2018 March

Our March 2018 Presenter was Mark Bush with Avistar Consulting Limited.  His talk features the development of a new open standard ( that will transform how process control and automation (OT) solutions are developed and deployed in production facilities like Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper, and other industrial industries.


Patterns Drive Creativity -  2018 Jan

Our January 2018 Presenters were Mike Jones and Josh MacKenzie.  Mike Jones is a Contract Business Analyst in Software Delivery. He is one of the Official BA Mentors with the Calgary's local chapter of the IIBA.   Josh is a VP of information technology at Matrix Solutions.


Their talk focuses on how patterns can drive creativity and how design patterns are relevant to data architecture.


Data Integration & Warehousing using the Data Vault -  2017 Nov

 Our November 2017 Presenter was Bruce McCartney.   Bruce is an expert in database design, performance tuning, replication, high availability and security.   Bruce is an Oracle 12G Certified Professional (OCP) as well as a Certified Data Vault Modeler. Mr. McCartney has been working with Data Vaults for 10 years.
His presentation will introduce the concept of the data vault and discuss how and why it is useful for data warehousing and integration initiatives. The data vault is a modelling paradigm and reference architecture developed by Dan Linstedt to facilitate rapid, incremental build of data warehouses; and is recommended by Bill Inmon. The audience will receive an introduction to the concepts involved in developing a data vault as well as overview of how this approach fits in with enterprise data warehousing/ integration and business intelligence. In addition, the audience will learn about one use case involving the use of a Business Rules Engine to promote agility in application of complex business rules. 

Inconceivable… But True!  -  2017 Sept

Our September 2017 Presenter was Trudy Curtis. Trudy is an evangelist for helping the discipline of data management emerge in the oil and gas sector, and for the creation and use of industry standards for data management.

Data modeling is a lot of fun. It's interesting and challenging, and you get to meet some very talented people! Like the ancient curse threatens, developing a data model for global use can lead to some "interesting times" !

Having served as the chief architect of the internationally used Public Petroleum Data Model for over 20 years, Trudy Curtis will draw from many real-life examples, to illustrate some of the challenges that the words we use bring to the negotiating table.