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The Alberta Data Architecture (ADA) Community is an informal organization of data professionals that meet regularly to discuss matters of interest to the data community, and to network with like-minded individuals. Our meetings are interactive, starting with 15-20 minutes of presentation by subject area experts, followed by an hour of discussion and Q&A between the experts and the audience. 

We follow each meeting with networking and further conversation at a nearby restaurant.   Come for the lively discussions and stay for the networking!

Please check out the Events section for a schedule of upcoming ADA Meetings and related events.

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Smashups vs Mashups - Sept 2015

Our September presenter was Wade Walker. Wade has over 17 years of international consulting, 15 of which specialize in Analytics, Corporate BI and Information Management. Having created, built and run three successful consulting entities in North America and Europe while maintaining a very active consulting role, Wade has a strong techno-functional profile spanning development and architecture up through planning, strategy, governance and human capital development. Wade brings a unique skillset coupled with a strategic orientation within the larger domain of Data Management and Analytics coupling Data Management, Business Intelligence and Big Data, proactively leveraging tactical opportunities in order to deliver long-term value.

The Canadian Economic Squeeze has risen its ugly head. In challenging economic times, often the large Strategic projects are axed. Tightened budgets unable to sustain the large Analytics Projects give rise to small tactical projects, such as Personal BI and Self-Serve Analytics. A class of tool focused on self-serve analytics combining ease of use with powerful functionality supported by gorgeous graphics and mobile platform support has evolved and are enjoying rapid adoption. However, often these tools leverage (or encourage!) mashed-up spreadsheets, generally referred to as "Spreadmarts" as their primary data source.  This talk discussed the Mashup trend and provide pragmatic advice and recommendations to help you contribute to the continued evolution of the management and governance of data as an asset while providing Business users architecturally-sound solutions that support the longer term Analytics Strategy.


 Mastering Data - Nov 2015

Our November presenter was John Ruddy. John sets the “Gold Standard” at Noah. As the president of Noah Consulting, he is an experienced and compassionate leader. John has 29 years of experience in building and managing global businesses, launching and leading energy-focused consultancies; and providing strategic planning, business development and complex global program and project management. John has a great love for his family, including his extended (Noah) family. In his downtime he enjoys spending time with family and friends, audio/visual-related electronics, yard work, camping, scuba diving and skiing. 

When mastering data, the goal is to create the ‘single source of truth’, currently through ‘besting’ logic. This type of approach to data management is a best practice in any environment that has data duplicated in different systems, especially if data, like engineering data, is maintained across various stages in an asset’s life cycle. Business rules and standards are used to improve the data flow so that the data is consistent, trusted, and relevant. It also provides the ability to share that data in a timely manner to support decisions. Noah Consulting will share with the ADA community an overview of an Enterprise MDM architecture for oil & gas operators and approach using the SAP stack. The architecture masters the well header data, and supplies quality, trusted data to data consumers throughout the organization. This solution has been architected, designed and delivered for numerous organizations using other technology stacks. The same drivers for a common well header to improve productivity and organizational efficiency exist within the SAP community. The presentation will discuss how this proven architecture can be delivered using SAP tools such as SAP MDG, Information Steward, Data Services and HANA.